Andy Whittaker from Prestbury, United Kingdom.

General all round good-egg…..

Always been interested in electronics then electronics with computer bits added on. From the age of 17 got interested in oily bits on cars.

My skills include Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Windows, Raspberry Pi Debian Linux, Siemens C16x assembly, Bosch  ECUs, etc, etc – and changing clutches and engines in my cars!

United Kingdom

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Smiling because I’m in The Netherlands with my head stuck in a control panel laughing

Still smiling even though I know the bill is going to be expensive.

November 2013 – nothing much to say

This was me at Chester Racecourse in 2013 when I was presented with my long service reward by my company.

Happy times after I just got married.

April 2002 with the woman (Karen Frost) who I would end up marrying a few years later.

My graduation day from university with mum and dad.

Zee-Feld in Austria 1983

When life was simple…..