Dissassembling a Bosch ME7.55 with IDA Pro

Disassembling a Bosch ME7.1 ECU with IDA Pro

I did these turtorials many years ago, October 2007 to be exact.

Here I will teach you how to disassemble a Bosch ME7.5.5 ECU using IDA Pro. When you are presented with a new type of ECU binary image, you have to disassemble the image multiple times because initially you do not know what the memory map is. However, if you follow this tutorial you should have a better idea on how best to do it.

The tool I use for disassembling is the brilliant IDA Pro available from Hex Rays in Belgium. IDA Pro is a very sort-after program loved by security experts all over the world. The virus checker on your PC is able to protect your computer because the firm that supplies the signatures almost certainly found them out by using IDA Pro. If you would like a copy and manage to convince Hex Rays to sell you a copy (good luck), please guard it from being copied. Just one copy leaked out on the internet will seriously damage the profitability of Hex Rays and future releases of IDA Pro.

EDC16 Anyone?

Have you disassembled an EDC16 as used in my VW Golf Mk5 GT-TDI 140PS? I know it’s a PowerPC cpu, probably little endian…. and that’s it! If you could help me, please email me at my usual address [email protected]– thank-you….

Let’s get on with the analysis of our ME7x!


I was going to write a lot, then I thought, “Why not create a video tutorial?” However, they were produced using a tool that created Adobe Flash output which is not really that cool anymore because of the various security problems. Since these were produced a long time ago (October 2007), the cool thing back then was to use FLASH, I have since re-formatted these tutorials and uploaded them onto YouTube.