ECUFix The Checksum Fixer

by | Apr 2, 2017

ECUFix is now at version Updated 12th January 2019


 If you wanted to modify your Bosch Motronic M3.8/M5x/ME7.1/7.5 but couldn’t get the checksums fixed or, more importantly, needed to pay someone to fix them for you, here’s the solution….


How Easy Is It To Use?

Well, let’s try it with, for example, a new modified Audi S3 binary….

We start ECUFix:

then we load our test binary:

Once the binary is opened, ECUFix will check its many checksums and highlight the faulty ones.

Here this is what is displayed for a binary with no faults:

And for a binary with faults, the faulty checksum is highlighted in red:

ECUFix then prompts you to optionally fix them.

All done, you are then asked to save your corrected binary…


Visit ECUFix

Download & Try-Out ECUFix

ECUFix v6 has a new, machine-based licensing system. This type of license is more configurable and flexible than before. Existing VAGFix users, please request a new license key.

ECUFix. Last updated: 12th January 2019

NOTE: An unregistered version of ECUFix will only verify that your binary is compatible. Once you have purchased a key-file from me, ECUFix will work.


Buy ECUFix

ECUFix is a licensable piece of software and must be purchased for each computer it’s used on.

You can purchase ECUFix in my store –

When you order I will use your PayPal name and address information along with your HardwareID, create a key file and then Email it back to you.

Once you double-click on this key file, your version of ECUFix will be unlocked.


ECUFix now with ME72002 support!

ECUFix supports M3.8, M5x and ME7x ECUs. Support is also added for Porsche ME7 based stuff too.

Remember ECUFix is now able to fix Porsche Cayenne turbo binaries as well.

ECUFix has been upgraded to support the new VAG ME72002 checksums along with a new, higher price.


Name Change

ECUFix was previously known as VAGFix.