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Many years ago I spent a lot of time creating my Andy Whittaker website because I am a firm believer in sharing what l know and discovered. I am a big fan of open-source software, especially github and even publish some of my own stuff too. Want to have a look at some of the components and software I sell? Head over to https://ecufix.com

Recently, I have also been interested in looking after our planet by focusing my thoughts on renewables and reducing the amount of energy I use. I have built my own house that is fully insulated (cavity filled with 100mm of PU Foam – CavityTherm is the product), 4kW of solar PV (12 x BENQ PM096B00_330 Panels), ~2200W of Solar Hot Water (Valliant) and (currently) ~23kWh of battery storage with 2 x LUX LXP5000ACS inverters connected in parallel to 8 x PylonTech US3000 batteries. I’m planning to write a few articles in the coming months to share what I’ve done. I will probably author a few YouTube videos while I’m at it.



FreeScan is an ALDL based scan tool for various GM based vehicles, including the iconic 4 cylinder Lotus Esprit.


This was done for a client cira 1998. My customer had a long pipe where at one end four transducers were pulsed with a user definable waveform and, at the other end, there were another four transducers that listened to the resulting sound pulse. The project required a...


Back in 1998, a friend of mine asked me to design a Windows GUI for the drinks dispensing machine in our favourite burger joint. This is what I came up with. About Initial Setup Dispense Head Portion Setup Dispensed Information Portion Size Editor