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Want to disassemble a Bosch ME7.5 ECU? Get some pointers here.

Plea:- If you've disassembled a Bosch EDC16 and can give me some help, please get in touch with me.

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 The index can be found here. However, more specifically:

  • Behringer DJX700 Sensitive Microphone Modifications
  •  - Hook up your Laptop to your Lotus or GM-based Engine Management Computer (ECU) with . Read all about the project here
  • Using a Siemens C166 Processor? Find out about my Bootstrap Loader and other things I've done with this processorhere
  • A little something I did for MacDonald's here
  • Someone wanted to transmit high-energy sound pulses down a pipe and analyse the echoes. This needed a very high-speed, PCI based data acquisition card designing. Read about my headache here


Here is some stuff on cars: 

  • Read about my Audi S4 2.7 Bi-Turbo
  • Read about the Audi 100 S4 I used to own here
  • Read about the Lotus Esprit GT3 I used to own here
  • Norfolk Police's Lotus Esprit here
  • Impreza Ice Skating - What's this about playing on thin ice?


    Check out a few of my favourite links!

    • ECUFix - The best site to get all of your diagnostic hardware!
    • IDA Pro - The very best disassembler in the world.
    • Media Portal - My current media centre software. One of the best, including support for DVB users.  A totally free media PC software for your television entertainment centre!
    • Toms Hardware - A particular favourite of mine, essential for guys who like the latest hardware and IT in their PCs, homes or workplaces.
    • OTSDJ - The most stable DJ/Radio software out there. However, stability comes at a price... not many updates!
    • The Register - UK based PC/IT news. Regularly updated throughout the day and with some wicked humour too!
    • Goose Green Farm - Want a nice place to stay in Cheshire? Great value for money

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